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    Recipe for the Perfect Forgotten Coast Retreat :: A Few Key Ingredients

    When it comes to buying a home along the Forgotten Coast, the options can seem endless and often overwhelming. Should you choose a beach community such as Cape San Blas or St. George Island or find a bay side retreat in historic Apalachicola or Port St. Joe? Do you want the ease of a condo or townhome for a second home purchase or is a single-family home better? For those fortunate enough to be purchasing a primary residence, where is the best location for full time living? While there’s no single answer to what works best for each individual or family, there are a few key ingredients that make it easier to create the Forgotten Coast Life of your dreams.


    There’s nothing quite like looking out your window onto the shining waters and glistening sands of the Gulf of Mexico, but a Gulf view isn’t always possible for every buyer. Luckily, there are many other views along the Forgotten Coast that can be equally as satisfying. A bay or marsh view can provide the same calming ambiance with added privacy and wildlife to spot. A street view in Apalachicola can be full of charm and beauty with oak canopies and historic Old Florida homes.

    Outdoor Living Spaces

    One of the most distinctive aspects about life in the eclectic towns that compose the Forgotten Coast is the ability to enjoy outdoor living nearly year-round with a moderate climate and a multitude of sun-filled days. Finding a property with an outdoor space is key to taking advantage of this benefit whether it’s a spacious yard complete with swimming pool, a condo community that offers on-site amenities such as parks or playgrounds or simply a great balcony for greeting the morning with a cup of coffee or tea.

    Luxury Master Suite

    Even when you’re spending your days lounging by the Gulf, having a serene retreat to settle into at night is an important part of any Forgotten Coast home. Master suites with luxe features such as private balconies, fireplaces and spa-like bathrooms can take your Forgotten Coast experience to a whole new level, making it just as exciting to come home as it is to head out to the beach. Even in more modest homes or condos, having a master suite that feels luxurious can be as simple as incorporating coastal features such soothing color palettes and shiplap accent walls.

    Bunk Rooms

    When you have a Forgotten Coast home, you’ll soon learn that you have a lot of friends. Who doesn’t want to spend a little extra time on the coast? Make room for your guests and their families by having space to integrate bunk beds to maximize the number of people that can sleep comfortably under your roof. Bunks are just as important for vacation rentals because the Forgotten Coast is known as a family-friendly destination and many of your renters will have children in tow.


    How do you reach the beach? Whether it’s public or dedicated access, how easy it is to get to the shore is of primary importance for your Forgotten Coast home. Distance to activities, dining, shopping, schools and businesses should also factor into your choice of location based on whether you are purchasing as an investment property or a full-time home.

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